Team Standings

Aotea Team Trophy Calculations

1The Whoopie Qushion Serenade; (SFYC) 264.5 points
SerenadeHank EasomSabre 36 Spirit11001100481.3110095.3
QGlenn IsaacsonSchumacher 40 daysailer29038038056077.5
Can o'WhoopassRichard vonEhrenkrookCal 201100466.71100110091.7
2Richmond Ramblers; (Richmond YC) 229.5 points
Golden MoonKame RichardsExpress 371100110036036080
Velvet HammerZachery AndersonShock 4011001100288.9377.891.7
ArcadiaGordie NashMull,Nash hybrid762.5762.5293.81512.557.8
3Just 3 simple guys; (Corinthian Yacht Club) 209 points
Just/EmTed GoldbeckCal-20555.6288.9377.8644.466.7
KiraJim ErskineCal 33658.3475841.7383.364.6
KuaiDaniel ThielmanMelges 32555.611001100555.677.8
4Our team is more fun than yours!; (Richmond Yacht Club) 189.4 points
FriskyDale ScogginOpen 5.7052028028036060
StewballRobert HarfordExpress 3728028028044070
Another GirlCinde Lou DelmasAlerion Express 38387.5481.3856.31512.559.4
5The Corinthian Crusaders ; (CYC) 186 points
MulanMichael ChammoutBeneteau 10R1231.31043.81512.595034.4
RaccoonJim SnowCal-20377.81100288.910066.7
SurprisePeter BirnbaumCatalina 34280280110028085
6SSS-Challengers; (SSS) 142.5 points
Escapade (Express)Nick SchmidtExpress 373603601100110080
Liquid AssetJohn RookRanger 33750933.3475841.750
NancyPat BroderickWyliecat 301701701137.51512.512.5
7Celtic Warriors; (South Beach Yacht Club ) 100.6 points
Cento MigliaMark KennedyFT 10 Metre288.9466.7644.4644.461.1
Heart of GoldJoan ByrneOlson 911S481.31231.317017028.1
Tupelo HoneyGerard SheridanElan 40745.512012012011.4

The Aotea Team Trophy, conceived by Peter Hogg and Rob Moore, is awarded to the three boat team from the same yacht club racing in different divisions. Scoring is based on the sum of the averages of each boat`s Aotea score, calculated as (1- ((points -1) /class_size))*100