Coastal Safety Seminar - April 14, 2013

This seminar is newly designed in a collaboration between Chuck Hawley, USSailing Safety at Sea Chair and NorCalORC. Designed to address near-coastal racing, such as is found in many of our local ocean races, the seminar is pared down from the full-on SAS seminars available in February and May.

While those full-day seminars are packed with useful information, the prudent skipper and crew may find that, for shorter jaunts, the half day seminar focusing on the most salient issues for a shorter trip may suffice.

Major event organizers, including OYRA, have agreed to accept this course in fulfillment of training requirements to become effective in 2014. This course will not satisfy Trans-Oceanic races such as those going to Hawaii or Southern California. Consult the organizers for the final word.

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Sun Apr 14, 2013